Sunday, 23 April 2017

Easy week night meals

Easy Week Night Meals
Nadia Lim
ISBN: 978-1-87750-549-2

Hi Everyone

I thought it was about time I got a recipe book and reviewed it for you.  I like Nadia Lim for her simplicity and desire to see healthy food readily available for all families.  Nadia was the winner of a television programme 'Master chief ' and ever since she has graced many homes with her food bags.  The 'My Food Bag' concept is simple... you order the food bag online and a recipe with all the ingredients in a bag is delivered to your door.

Or, you can buy one of her many recipe books as I have.

Easy Week Night Meals took my eye due to the simple ideas spruced up to transform the basic meal into a Devinne week night meal.  For example: Fish 'n' chips with smashed minted peas... This is the average wedge chip, cooked in the oven with little oil to keep them healthy; peas cooked in a stock minted with a couple of other seasonings; really nicely coated crumbed fish; and tartare sauce.  I have always wanted a tartare sauce recipe!

Another one that I really like is the Chicken Katsu skewers with cabbage and sugar snap soba noodles.  Now come on, how many kids love cabbage?  Add it to the noodles and sugar snap peas along with the seasonings and you have a well disguised cabbage dish when accompanied with the chicken skewers.

I hate leek!  With a passion! But I am going to try the leak and potato rosti, just because it looks nice.  Yes I eat with my eyes 😃

One thing I find a little difficult about this book is the way it is set out in seasons.  I think this will grow on me as I transition through the seasons.  It also has no deserts.  What!!! No desert!  Is this because they aren't healthy, well some can be, or because it's easy week night meals.  I still like looking at deserts in a recipe book. 

Overall, I am enjoying this book.  The recipes are easy.  I have most of the ingredients in my cupboards.  I mainly like that they are simple concepts, with the addition of seasoning, that I wouldn't have ever thought of.

I hope this inspires you to pick a new recipe book for you and your family.


Here is the solution to every cook's weeknight dilemma - what to cook tonight? Delicious, simple-to-follow, nutritious recipes that your family and friends will love from the My Food Bag team and Nadia Lim. These recipes have been rated as favourites by My Food Bag customers, so you can relax in the knowledge that each recipe is tasty, easy to make and foolproof. They're organised by season, and Nadia's background as a dietitian and her strong healthy food philosophy ensures that they are nutritionally balanced and good for you. This is the one cookbook you need for cooking successfully during the week, and getting back to loving your weeknight meals.

Happy Reading

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Walt Disney...

Once upon a time...

Walt had a dream, no one else understood.  But he never gave up! 

Now look at what he accomplished. 

I can't give you the books about or by Walt Disney there are far too many you may need to use Google 😃

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

The seven sisters

The Seven Sisters
Author: Lucinda Riley
ISBN: 978-1-4472-1864-7

Hi Everyone,

This book is fantastic and will not be making it onto my bookcase for quite a while as I have promised it to so many friends to read.  It just cannot go back onto my shelf just yet.

I finished it last night and it is one of those books that you're so disappointed to be on the final page.  Even the final page left me almost screaming with "Oh my goodness!"  I cannot wait to receive the second book in this series The Storm Sister.  Even the name of it leaves me enticed, but I also have to know if they find who out the person on the phone is, on the last page of this book.  If I think it is who it is, then.... wow! 

Anyway, I got so into this book and the characters that when I was reading Izabela's story I forgot all about Maia.  Sorry Maia.  I had a little giggle when I got back to Maia's section when I realised that the book was meant to be about her too.  That's when you know you're reading a good novel.  Izabela was so young, magical,vibrant, naive, beautiful, innocent... then she gets married for all the upper class reasons of her time.  That is when things take a turn... I can't spoil it here.

Then there is the historical implantation.  As I read The Seven Sisters I found myself thinking of the making of such structures as the Cristo.  I was transported to a sculptors living quarters, Paris, Brazil, Rio, and an island with a castle.  Lucinda Riley portrayed social classes of the times with elegance, grace and truth as snobbery sneaked through each characters cracks.

I enjoyed this book so much I went to Google to find out more about Lucinda Riley.  I found her official website that is well worth looking at and this clip on Youtube, which is put up by Lucinda, upon which she talks about The Seven Sisters series and her writings. 

I could talk, over a coffee, for hours on this book.  I am hooked and can't wait for the next six books.... Yes there are seven books in this series, but there is still so much that I want to know, that I will be reading all of them. 


Maia D'Apliese and her five sisters gather together at their childhood home, 'Atlantis' - a fabulous, secluded castle situated on the shores of Lake Geneva - having been told that their beloved father, the elusive billionaire they call Pa Salt, has died. Maia and her sisters were all adopted by him as babies and, discovering he has already been buried at sea, each of them is handed a tantalising clue to their true heritage - a clue which takes Maia across the world to a crumbling mansion in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Once there, she begins to put together the pieces of where her story began ...Eighty years earlier, in the Belle Epoque of Rio, 1927, Izabela Bonifacio's father has aspirations for his daughter to marry into aristocracy. Meanwhile, architect Heitor da Silva Costa is working on a statue, to be called Christ the Redeemer, and will soon travel to Paris to find the right sculptor to complete his vision. Izabela - passionate and longing to see the world - convinces her father to allow her to accompany him and his family to Europe before she is married. There, at Paul Landowski's studio and in the heady, vibrant cafes of Montparnasse, she meets ambitious young sculptor Laurent Brouilly, and knows at once that her life will never be the same again.

Happy reading

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Lucinda Riley is the author of:
  • The Seven Sisters
  • The Storm Sister
  • The Shadow Sister
  • The Italian Girl
  • The Angel Tree
  • The Olive Tree
  • The Midnight Rose
  • Mothouse Flower
  • The Girl on the Cliff
  • The Light Behind the Window

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

What am I reading?

Hi Everyone

What am I reading at the moment?  The Seven Sisters - Lucinda Riley.  I am absolutely taken by this book and cannot let too much away... Just yet.  You will have to keep looking in and I will have a review up for you as soon as I finish it.   While you wait I will give you the book description and will get back to my book 😃


Their future is written in the stars ...Maia D'Apliese and her five sisters gather together at their childhood home, 'Atlantis' - a fabulous, secluded castle situated on the shores of Lake Geneva - having been told that their beloved father, the elusive billionaire they call Pa Salt, has died. Maia and her sisters were all adopted by him as babies and, discovering he has already been buried at sea, each of them is handed a tantalising clue to their true heritage - a clue which takes Maia across the world to a crumbling mansion in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Once there, she begins to put together the pieces of where her story began ...Eighty years earlier, in the Belle Epoque of Rio, 1927, Izabela Bonifacio's father has aspirations for his daughter to marry into aristocracy. Meanwhile, architect Heitor da Silva Costa is working on a statue, to be called Christ the Redeemer, and will soon travel to Paris to find the right sculptor to complete his vision. Izabela - passionate and longing to see the world - convinces her father to allow her to accompany him and his family to Europe before she is married. There, at Paul Landowski's studio and in the heady, vibrant cafes of Montparnasse, she meets ambitious young sculptor Laurent Brouilly, and knows at once that her life will never be the same again. The Seven Sisters is a sweeping epic tale of love and loss - the first in a unique, spellbinding series of seven books, based on the legends of the Seven Sisters star constellation - Lucinda Riley showcases her storytelling talent like never before.

I got my copy from Book depository

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Consider the hammer

Just a little something to make you smile... the hammer does make a good metaphor.

Happy reading

Winnie the Horse Gentler

Winnie The Horse Gentler Series
Author: Bandi Baley Mackall
ISBN: Assorted

Hi Everyone

Following a long weekend of family staying, I got little reading done.  I still wanted to be able to bring something to you, so I went looking on my daughter's bookcase.  I found all her Winnie the Horse Gentler books. 

I didn't cheat... I have read all these, just a long time ago.  When I first purchased these for her she wasn't keen on the idea of reading much other than Sheltie books, but her reading level far exceeded the little Sheltie books that she engulfed far to quickly.  So, I read the first book to her.  She was hooked!  I was then dragged back to town week after week to purchase the next book in the series.  It didn't take long before she had all her friends reading the series too.

These are the titles in the series and the descriptions so you can gain an understanding of the content that grabbed her attention:

1. Wild Thing
Twelve-year-old Winnie Willis loves horses- just like her mother did.  But since her mom died two years ago, Winnie, her sister, Lizzy, and her father have moved five times. Winnie never cared much- until now.  She has a chance to buy the horse of her dreams at an upcoming auction- but how will she ever earn enough money?  More importantly, how can she possibly convince her dad not to move them to another town... again?

2. Eager Star
Winnie Willis wants to be a famous horse gentler.  She already has one client, and a second has just signed on.  But the new client has given her only a week to train a horse for an important race... and the rider will be Grant Baines- the most popular boy in school.  To him, Winnie is invisible.  This is her chance to be part of the "in" crowd at school... if she succeeds.  How can she ever train the horse and Grant to work together in one week?

3. Bold Beauty
Winnie Willis has confidence to spare- on horseback, that is.  If only she could have the same self-assurance at school.  When Winnie gets a dreaded school assignment, her whole world is affected.  Worse, an accident on horseback shatters the one area of her life where everything was going fine.  Now she'll have to find the courage outside herself to face her classmates and the horse she let down.

4. Midnight Mystery
It's up to Winnie to solve a mystery and save a circus horse. But Winnie faces her own mystery as she struggles to keep her family from changing and to hold on to things as they are. She'll learn to appreciate God, who never changes no matter what else may threaten.

5. Unhappy Appy
Winnie Willis has always considered horses her best friends.  But lately the world seems to be pairing off, and she's the only one left out.  After all, her sister, Lizzy, now has a "best friend"; and Madeline, her dad's inventor "friend" keeps showing up.  But, Hawk, Winnie's only hope for a friend, has been acting as strange as her horse.  What's wrong with Hawk and Towaco?  If Winnie wants a chance for a best friend, she has to untangle the mystery.

6. Gift Horse
Just when Winnie Willis feels like school could be almost tolerable, Summer Spidell has to be... well, Summer.  Worse, Winnie's friend Hawk is away for Christmas vacation, Winnie is lonely.  Then a mysterious horse shows up in the pasture behind her house.  Suddenly Winnie is caught in a life-and-death struggle with the old mare.
Who is the horse's owner?  Will Winnie be able to keep- and save- this "gift horse"?

7. Friendly Foal
Nobody has ever needed Winnie before.  But she already has a big problem of her own.  The newborn foal has lost her mother and the world doesn't look friendly.  Winnie knows how the filly feels.  It's been two years since Winnie lost her mom, and she still has trouble trusting humans.  So why should the foal trust her?  But time is running out.
Then Sal, a classmate, arrives with the little surprise- and a lesson abut friendship that Winnie will never forget.

8. Buckskin Bandit
Winnie Willis has already answered eight horse e-mails for the Pet Help Line.  Now she's stumped.  She can't think of anything to tell someone whose biggest problem is that her parents care too much about her life.  After all, Winnie's dad had been so tied up lately with his invention and his friend Madeline, that they've barely talked.
When a bucksin disappears from the run-down Happy Trails stable, Winnie and friend Kaylee investigate- and find out what it truly means to be 'part of a herd.'

Happy reading

Saturday, 8 April 2017

A reason to like the night

Hi Everyone,

It's been a busy few days here with family from different parts of the world visiting for birthdays.  We have had an awesome reunion, but I have had no time for reading (or sleeping).  So I looked in on you all here today and thought I would bring you a quick quote from Stephanie Meyer.

Stephanie Meyer is the author behind the Twilight series and her books include:

New Moon
The Host
Breaking Dawn
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
The Chemist

Official Website:

Now, I will get back into reading my latest book and get back to you with what I am reading and a review for you.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Cat and the stinkwater war

Cat and the Stinkwater War
Author: Kate Saunders
ISBN: 0-330-41576-x

Hi Everyone

I have to give credit to the cover first.  The copy that I have in my hand has a suede feel cover that makes the book seem special.  Second I have to give credit to my daughter who stayed consistent in her recommendation of this book.  She has been telling me to read and review this book since I started blogging.  Finally she placed book in my hand, when I finished Inkdeath, and more or less commanded that this be my next read.

It is so cute!

Cat receives a parcel from some Professor whom they thought was dead.  Inside it is a stone that turns Cat into a cat.  Yes, I told you it was cute.  Well... from there, she helps the neighbourhood cats in their battle to find and get back the prized sardine.  Are you smiling yet?

This is a special little read for any child who, like my daughter, loves animals.  She has read this book many times.  The book was given to her by my niece and she had read it and loved it also.  That means this book comes with at least two young girls recommendations.

I enjoyed the journey, the language, and simplicity of this novel.  I for one, would not hesitate in purchasing this for any girl that I know.  I would think a boy would also enjoy this but upon state that I don't think it would be up my boys alley of reading choice.


Cat gasped.  She felt her back stretching and arching.  She was shrinking - until her clothes fell around her in a floppy heap.  The stone became warm, then hot, then burning.  She dropped it with a cry that came out in a long, ragged mew.  This could not be happening!

Happy reading

This was available from: Fishpond, and Amazon

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Poetry corner

Hi Everyone,

I was looking for a poem for you today and I think I have found one of the shortest peoms I have on my Kindle.  This was written by Heny David Thoreau (1817 - 1862) and I located it in Great Short Poems, Edited by Paul Negri, Dover Thrift edition. 

It is a thoughtful little peom.  Two lines, with a sense of truth.  Simple yet thoughtful.  Some of us spend too much time uttering rather than living.  Some of us live to fullest but have nothing to utter when the day is finished.  See, it is a thoughtful little poem if you think over it a little.

Happy reading

Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Author: Cornelia Funke
ISBN: 978-1-908435-10-1

Hi Everyone,

I was missing in action yesterday as I was absorbed in the battles between the pages of Inkdeath.  I almost forgot I belonged in the outside world as the characters had captured me within the Ink world.  I have to say this.... Sorry if someone doesn't agree with me... But...  I put this up there with the worlds created by J. R. R. Tolkien. 


The words are just amazing!  I could read this over and over just because of the word formation.  Finally, a book that isn't dumbed down with today's language, but at same time is written in today's language.  I have to admit that, just a couple of times, I opened my dictionary app to look up a word.  Not because I couldn't comprehend the word but because Cornelia Funke's writing had that effect on me.

The characters.  Oh, the characters.  There are so many but I loved them all, even the ones I despised.  In a world of good verses evil in graphical literature I connected with the brilliance of the character creation.  My favourite were the glassmen.  Can you just imagine little men made from glass that fit in a pocket?  Then there was the giant that was gentle but managed to kill so many people.  Faird, from all three books in the Inkworld series,  annoyed me in this book.  Maggie wasn't as spoilt but more grown up, I like this view of Maggie.  Resa kind of annoyed me to until she became the bird (read the book!).  The white women that represented death, started off as being a symbol of death but then became more like angels, to me that is.  Especially when the Shadow became prominent in the plot. 

The scene also was brilliant.  I could see the Inkworld.  The vastness of the castle.  The town ship and the era it belonged to.  The cave wasn't touched on for long but it was still written into the world with dampness that could be seen.  But,  I loved the woods and the nests that the children sat in.  It captured me and transported me to right there in the woods watching each event unravelled. 

This is in our town library in the children's section.  I have a few issues with that idea.  First if you handed this to my kids a few years back they would have looked at me like I was nuts.  This book is 699 pages long!  And, the language is just rich enough that I think I would daunt a young reader.  I looked up a couple of words.  Most normal people probably wouldn't and neither would a child.  Then there are a couple of scenes that are full of some graphics that I think belong in the youth section.  Now as I say this, please understand that our young adults section isn't in our children's library.  I think this book belongs in the young adults section (My opinion only). 

This is one of my favourite series.  Inkheart has been on my favourites list since I first got my hands on my copy.  I thought the movie was awesome but nothing in comparison to the book.  Inkspell kept me wanting more and now Inkdeath has ended series leaving me happy where it left me. 

For my reviews on Inkheart and Ink death - click Inkheart and Inkspell

Inkdeath was available from: Fishpond, Amazon and Book depository

Conelia Funke's webpage is also worth taking a look into: Conelia Funke official site

Happy reading

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Nick and the Nasty Knight

Nick and the Nasty Knight
Author: Ute Krause
ISBN: 978-0-7358-4091-1

Hi Everyone,

It is time for a picture book to grace my reviews.  I have to acknowlege the fact - I still enjoy children's picture books.  I am especially drawn to the illustrations and poetic devices in a picture book. 

This one ticked all the boxes for illustrations.  They were bight and connected well with the story.  It also had a good arrangement of poetic devices as the first line demonstrates-

"Sir Nestor the Nasty was the meanest, rottenest, greediest knight you can imagine."

It wasn't over done with poetic devices but the disconection between poetic and normal at times stunted my fluency when reading aloud.  Then again it could have been that my eyes kept getting distracted by the illustrations.  Overall though, this is a great little read for our young ones. 

Here are some photo's to show you the creativity in the illustrations:


Everyone's afraid of Sir Nestor the Nasty Knight.  Everyone? Not quite! Nick has had enough of slaving away for the meanest, rottenest, greediest knight, so one day he escapes.  But what bad luck!  Deep in the woods, Nick is captured by a gang of thieves!  They are delighted with their catch, but fortunately, there's one thing that robbers prefer to captives - and that's gold,  Luckily, Nick knows just where the Nast Knight keeps his treasure.

Happy reading

This was available from: Amazon, Fishpond and Book depository

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Unstable emotions...

Just a little thought for the day

Happy reading

Some of Joyce Meyers books are:
  • Battlefield of the mind
  • Power thoughts
  • Living beyond your feelings
  • The confident woman
  • The mind connection
  • Overload

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Going Solo

Going Solo
Author: Roald Dahl
ISBN: 978-0-14-241383-8

Hi Everyone,

Roald Dahl's Going Solo, left me with mixed feelings.  I can see the potential in the writing, but I had issues of my own with it.

For a boy age 7 up (as the book recommendation claims), I think this would be a very enjoyable read.  I really think my son is going to like this one.  I can imagine all his friends enjoying it.  The adventures Roald Dahl captures are right up there for my son and his friends.  But my daughter really disliked it and found it 'boring' (her words). 

As for myself, here are where my issues and likes were formed.  First off, I loved that it was Ronald Dahl that I was reading about.  I have enjoyed his other books over the years, and to read about him really took my interest.  I enjoyed the first 3/4th's of the book.  Then, I started to want to skip the pages.  Not only the pages, but to be honest I could have skipped the last few chapters.  I got to the stage where I found it repetitive.  Same story but different place and planes.  I just wanted to see him get back home. 

So, where does this leave Going Solo?  I am pleased it is on my bookcase but I will be picky as to whom I offer it to for reading.


Going Solo is the action-packed tale of Roald Dahl's exploits as a World War II pilot.  Learn all about his encounters with the enemy his world wide travels, the life-threatening injuries he sustained in a plane accident, and the rest of his sometimes bizarre, often unnerving, and always colorful adventures.  Told with the same irresistible appeal that has made Roald Dahl one of the world's best-loved writers, Going Solo brings you directly into the Action and into the mind of this fascinating man.

Happy reading

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoy the poem I have chosen for this week.  I found it on a site I have just discovered  Take a look in on them sometime and see what you think. 

The background photo was taken while we were out camping as a family this weekend.  It highlights the beautiful country I live in and often take for granted until I stop and breathe like I did yesterday.

If you have a favourite poetry site that you think I should take a look at then leave me a comment.

Happy reading

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Hi Everyone'

It's Friday!  Well, for all who live in my part of the world it's Friday.  I am about to finish up my day and week, then settle down for for a quiet weekend with my family. 

We will have all had different things happen in our lives during this week.  We will have all chosen to react in different ways.  What we want for the future is vastly different from each other.  But, we can all be there for another human being, without controlling them!  As you venture into the weekend and the week beyond remember Dr. Seuss' words - "Only you can control your future'  and make it a good one for others around while your at it.

Have a great weekend

Happy reading

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Author: Morris Gleitzman
ISBN: 9780141329987

Hi Everyone,
Now is the third book in the Once, Then, and Now series, which I have been reviewing over the past week.  This one is a little different from the first two books, but I still enjoyed it just as much. 

Felix is now grown up and a grandfather to the next Zelda.  He doesn't like her being named after his friend from the previous books, so he calls her Margaret after his favourite book character.  Felix still talks of his past amongst the chapters of this book, but the main character (for me) was Zelda.  It is told from the perspective of Zelda and the story revolved round her more than Felix.  I like connection between the old and the new, and the way in which the author portrayed the two.

The first part of this story touches on bullying.  This was very well managed and I think a lot of young people would enjoy Now due to this content.

The second part of this story touches on the Australian bush fires.  This was excellently told.  I cannot think of a better writing of these events for our young people to read.  Absolutely fantastic writing!  I was absorbed into the plot and characters.

Still, as like the previous books I really think these books would make good read alouds.  From Once to Now the content makes good talking points with our children.  The characters are believeable and the plot well structured.... but the content is worthy of discussion.


Now is the third shocking, funny and heartbreaking book in Morris Gleitzman's Second World War series. Sometimes facing the past is the bravest act of all...ONCE I didn't know about my grandfather Felix's scary childhood. THEN I found out what the Nazis did to his best friend Zelda. NOW I understand why Felix does the things he does. At least he's got me. My name is Zelda too. This is our story.

This was available from: Fishpond, Bood depository and Amazon

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